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When you became a construction worker, there were dangers that came with the job. Whether you’re in commercial construction or residential, you face the possibility of broken bones, lost limbs or digits, or a terrible fall every day. But that doesn’t mean you have less right to get compensation when you get hurt at work. In fact, as a construction worker, if you can’t work because of injury, then you especially need to make sure that your workers’ compensation claim goes as well as it can.

What Should You do After Getting Hurt on a Construction Site?

After you have gotten treatment for your injury, your employer or employer’s representative might pressure you to sign something. Do NOT agree to anything or sign any document until you have had a chance to call the Law Office of B. Ward Maedgen, P.C. and seek council. Initially, it must be determined if the employers has a Worker’s Compensation plan for its employees or not. Also, then there will need to be a plan for medical care.

What do You do if Your Workman’s Compensation Benefit is Denied?

You have the right to appeal denials. The process for appeals is can be very long and difficult for someone who has never dealt with it before. An attorney and claimant need to be familiar with how appeals hearing officers think and what they are looking for in a claims appeal in order to overturn a denial. This takes experience. Additionally, if you are denied your appeal, then in order to consider the appeals process, you’ll have to bring testimony and possibly witnesses to a hearing with an officer authorized to decide for or against your appeal. After that, you will have to pursue the claim in front of a panel of judges and if you still don’t win the appeal, then finally a District Appeals Court.

A process like this clearly warrants a lawyer. Undertaking an appeal with no experience and no legal help will almost certainly lead to mistakes that can cost your success.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Construction Accident Lawyer in Dallas?

We don’t charge any fees upfront. When retained, we get started on your case and fight to find out the cause and responsibility for your injury. We only collect when you are paid your claim.

Get Free Help from Ward on Your Construction Accident Case

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