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Ward Maedgen has years of experience in product liability litigation in Texas. Talk to Ward if you or a family member have been hurt due to a product and let him council you in a free consultation call on what you should do next.

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How do I Know if I Have a Product Liability Case?

A product liability case involves injury from use of any defective or mislabeled product. A defective product may have a design flaw or a manufacturing flaw or simply fails to warn of a potential risk.
In the rush to design, engineer, and manufacture products, inadequate or misleading labels, instructions, or warnings, manufacturers have sometimes allowed defective products into the consumer marketplace. When that happens, accident victims can suffer a wide range of injuries ranging from a loss limb, eye injury, crushed fingers to wrongful death. A defective product can have serious consequences. Victims who suffer from products liability should be compensated for their injuries as well as their pain and suffering.
Whether or not you think you have a product liability case based on this general definition, you should not make any decisions until speaking with council that understands product liability and how Texas law influences these cases. Call Ward’s law firm and talk to him about your situation.

How Can Our Law Firm Help?

Ward Maedgen has the experience and knowledge in litigation regarding dangerous and defective products in Texas that you need to have in your corner when facing a product maker’s legal team in court. He has fought cases over a huge spectrum of defective items and equipment. For example, Ward has represented cases involving:

  • Construction and industrial equipment (from scaffolding to industrial machinery)
  • Transportation equipment (from air bags to aviation parts)
  • Sports and recreation equipment (from treadmills to motorcycles)
  • Household products (from smoke detectors to food packaging)
  • Medical equipment (including surgical devices)
  • Protective barriers on public roadways

When a manufacturing company gets brought to suit, you’ll be up against a legal team that has likely worked on dozens or even hundreds of cases of product liability. They will have the tools to break down and diminish your product liability claim and give very compelling arguments against awarding you what you seek or even argue for nothing at all.

You need an attorney in your corner who won’t back down from the other side’s legal team and is equipped to handle whatever they throw at the case. In addition, you need an attorney with hard-won trial experience. Ward Maedgen earned his trial experience leading many cases as an assistant District Attorney in Texas. Working with Ward will help you feel confident that you’ve got attorney with the know-how armed with the experience you need for a difficult case.

Talk to Ward About Your Product Liability Case in a Free Consultation

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