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As if the trauma of hearing and feeling your car hitting another vehicle were not traumatic enough, often the ensuing complications you’re faced with are just as stressful. We’re here to take the weight off your shoulders after your car wreck.

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Why Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

Because you need legal protection after an accident. Legal protection from what? Insurance companies, whether your own or the other party’s are not in business to hand out money. They are in business to make money and they know how to make it very difficult for you to collect.



Insurance claims on car accidents get denied in Texas all the time. Insurance companies have many ways to legally deny a claim. An attorney with substantial accident experience knows how to fight for your rights with the insurance companies. A truly competent lawyer will even take an insurance company to court on your behalf when necessary.

In short, the right attorney will make sure you get every penny that you deserve regardless of the tactics that an insurance company may use to prevent it.

Why Hire Ward Maedgen of the Law Office of B. Ward Maedgen, P.C.?

You know that you need a lawyer to protect your ability to recover a settlement. But not every personal injury lawyer brings the same level of experience to your case. An attorney with very little Texas accident claims experience will likewise have fewer strategies and insights to draw upon.

Why are strategies based on experience so important? Simply put, you will rarely get a fair offer when you try to work with an insurance company without a lawyer or without intense hardship. The same may be true if your attorney lacks the strategies to deal with tougher cases.

Consider the additional security you’ll feel knowing that your attorney is also a former assistant district attorney with hard experience in the courtroom. If your case warrants, our firm will not hesitate to take it to court where Ward will fight hard for you.

Thanks to our considerable experience in the Texas law system, we aren’t intimidated by any situation or company. Protecting your interests is our mantra and it fuels everything we do regardless of how difficult your case may be.

Consider the additional security you’ll feel knowing that your attorney is also a former assistant district attorney with hard experience in the courtroom.

How Do I know if I Have a Case?

The best way is by giving us a call. However, if you were hit by another vehicle and were not at fault, you are likely entitled to compensation. Often, cases come to us in which the other driver was not insured or was under-insured. Texas insurance policies are required to have provisions for this. These situations particularly warrant legal help.

Every case is unique. Since we offer free legal help up front with a consultation call, then why not pick up the phone and find out if you have a case?

How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost in Dallas?

We are only paid when you collect on your claim. You’ll have no out of pocket legal fees upfront. The firm will even front the costs of litigation while we work on your case. We strongly urge you to book your free consultation with Ward. The success of your case may depend on vital legal counsel his firm can provide.

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