Why Hire an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney?

There are at least 3 big reasons you should only work with an experienced truck accident attorney.

  1. These accidents are almost always more major than accidents involving only cars.
  2. Truck accidents involve commercial insurance carriers with policies that work differently than personal auto policies and involve commercial enterprises rather than just an individual other driver. They can also involve government agencies and equipment manufactures in the case of equipment failure.
  3. Truckers are regulated by federal and state laws that go far beyond the laws that regular drivers are governed by.

There are a myriad of nuances that your attorney will have to investigate and document in order to pursue a successful claim in a big rig accident case. Without the proper experience, details that can mean a lot of money in compensation could be missed or applied in a way that gets shot down by the insurance carrier.

A tractor trailer or any commercial vehicle operator also has a great deal of safety compliance that has to be proved in order to defend against responsibility in these cases. There are licensing requirements for drivers, limits on operation, restrictions on size and weight in certain routes, details about the dynamics of a crash, as well as commercial insurance concerns and the role of the operating company that all have to be rolled into a compelling lawsuit.

Why Get the Law Office of B. Ward Maedgen. P.C. on Your Truck Accident Case

Ward will bring all parties involved in your big rig accident case to account with confidence backed by experience. Simply put, Ward knows truck accidents and how to run these cases in Texas.

There are likely some personal injury lawyers with little to no experience representing truck accident cases advertising online in Dallas and the rest of Texas. Without experience, a typical personal injury lawyer can easily dismiss details that make a huge difference in a big rig case. For example, what if a lawyer were to ignore the minutia in clues that a particular safety regulation had been provably violated by the trucker or trucking company? Now the claim is weaker and what could have ended up being a key argument or piece of evidence in the lawsuit doesn’t even get brought to light.

There are also critical measures that must be taken to collect evidence. For example, obtaining driver’s logs before they can be legally destroyed and to properly put the trucking company on notice to set aside and prevent damage to evidence such as the crashed truck itself. Often other complications come to play such as separate ownership of the truck vs. the trailer. Experience is crucial in winning these claims.

Ward doesn’t just provide you with the truck accident experience to competently litigate your case the right way, if the case goes to court, Ward is the lawyer you’ll want in your corner. When you work with Ward at the Law Office of B. Ward Maedgen, P.C. you get a heavy hitting, prior Assistant District Attorney with the experience of hundreds of cases involving both trial and juries.

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